It's not only like the best party you've ever been to, with all your friends there. It's a huge hotel full of such parties, with not only the friends you already have, but the people you would have *wanted* to be your friends if you'd known about them, and *they* are pre-primed to want to be friends with you.

And it's not only parties. There are films, and live performances, and panel discussions, and art shows, and costumes, and workshops, and food. Hell, I plan and organize these things and I *still* don't know all that goes on at one. The activities seem to self-organize and condense out of the air. As organizer, my job is to run around and try to keep up. I know I'm never going to succeed, but after a few decades of doing it I'm good enough that I don't drop *much*.

SolarCon is a convention for Solarpunks, and is a swarm (see Falkvinge). This means that you personally can run as much of it as you both desire to do and are capable of, and that there are a lot of other people here to step up and run the parts you either can't or don't want to.