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Growing food, outside in communal areas or in your living space, is a solarpunk staple. Traditional agriculture (not large-scale agriculture), aeroponics, hydroponics, and aquaponics systems are all smiled upon by the solarpunk community. There are benefits and challenges to each system, but the most important thing is that you grow what you eat, or you know where it came from. Growing MORE than you can eat so that you can share with your neighbors and members of the local community is an even more beneficial goal.

Each of the types of small-scale agriculture mentioned above can be adapted to fit in most common living spaces. Even a small urban apartment can grow herbs in dirt on a sunny windowsill, and little space is required for a vertical grow tower or a countertop system.


Gathering, or Foraging, is a wonderful way to ethically source your sustenance using the plants and animals in your local environment. We have been socially adapted to eschew the plants we find outside in favor of plants that have been pre-washed and pre-packaged for us and sold to us for a profit in grocery megabusinesses.

Foraging requires access to areas of wilderness that have not already been harvested by others, making it difficult for people living in urban environments. If you find yourself in this situation, try to organize with other like-minded people (and maybe an expert forager) and make a day trip, using public transportation or an electric vehicle, to an area where you can forage without damaging the ecosystem or causing food plants to become over-harvested.