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There are a lot of ways to change societies.  Here are a few we - as Solarpunks - are thinking about:


Is the system not working because this kind of system can't work, or just because this particular implementation of it is broken?


There are very many ways to run a human neurological system.  As we learn to better interact with people who are 'wired' a bit differently than we are, we become more able to integrate them into our societies.

Open CIvilization:[]

Open-source architecture means anyone can propose an addition to your project without asking permission to make the proposal.  An open-source *civilization* means people get to add to the cultures that comprise that civilization -- again, without asking permission.  Proposal doesn't mean or imply acceptance, which is where it can get tricky.

Open-Source Sexuality: []

You are presumably sexually excited by/interested in *something*.  What is it, and how can we help you find people you enjoy doing it with that would also enjoy doing it with you?


It may not be possible to dismantle the corporatization of society, but we can change the nature of what 'a corporation' means by doing business with Benefit Corporations, that recognize the triple-bottom-line of doing good for not only their stockholders, but also their employees and their surrounding communities.

City Living[]

There are a lot of practical activities and organisations that Solarpunks like to get involved with, which allow them to live in cities in a more connected, ecologically sustainable way.

Right to the City: []

The idea that cities exist because people live in them, and thus the central task of a city is to be a place where people can live.  I am a person, I am in a city, therefore I have a right to be here.  And as a human animal, I have some certain needs that have to be met for me to live, and the city has an obligation to make sure I can meet these needs within the boundaries of reasonable human effort. The city in turn can insist I take on obligations to it, as well, but they have to be obligations I can be reasonably expected to be able to meet.

Postive Proxy Representation[]

Governance is usually only interesting to governance-policy wonks.  If you're not one of these, this is probably not something you want to spend a lot of time paying attention to.  But we can't afford to ignore it, either.  How Positive Proxy works is that instead of *electing* a representative, you *appoint* one.  Corporations have been using proxy voting for centuries, but they only allow you to proxy your votes (shares) to the existing Board of Directors, and for the full duration of the annual meeting, the only time you get to vote.  Under a Positive Proxy system, you can revoke and reassign your proxy at your own decision, whenever you wish (though for an initial implementation, I'd limit that to 'daily'.)  The person you assign your proxy to can *also* delegate all the votes they control -- and if they delegate to someone you don't approve of, you can revoke your proxy from your initial proxy-holder.  This doesn't make corruption *impossible*, but it does make it a lot more difficult:  If you-as-proxy-holder accept a bribe, and I as your proxy-grantor find out about it and revoke my proxy, you no longer have my vote to sell.

Universal Basic Income:  []

One simple and straightforward approach for making sure that basic human needs can be met.

Universal Health Care:[]

Access to the tribal healer was one of the basic rights of our primitive forebears.  We should be able to take care of each other at *least* as well as they did.

Police Accountability: []

Many modern 'police' have ceased behaving as civic guardians and instead behave as occupying troops.  As a first step, their total disarmament (including privately-owned as well as departmentally-issued weapons) would discourage those among them whose only reason for being there is to *be* murderous thugs and cause them to desert the force for other, better bullying opportunities. 


If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.  Maybe it's time to take some of the hammers out of the toolbox.