SolarPunk Wikia

There are a lot of ways we can reinforce each other. You're engaging in one right now.

Internet socialization[]

is getting more and more balkanized; if we can find someone who wants to take on the task of keeping it catalogued that'd be marvelous.[]

Live Meetings:[]

Meetups, munches, moos, whatever you want to call it where a bunch of us arrange to get together in the flesh.


Conventional science-fiction fandom uses conventions as a way of getting together and doing things; working on setting up a SolarCon, also.


The Steampunks dress up in Edwardian/Victorian waistcoats and corsets.  We're going more Belle Epoque; in a warming world, gauzy harem-pants are much more practical.

Kilts and skirts are also a good option for keeping ventilated in a warmer world.


What would you like?

Other Performing Arts[]

If humans can do it, we can display it.  Again, if you either can do something and want people to watch, or have some idea of something you'd *want* to watch, toss it out here and we'll see what we can do.