SolarPunk Wikia

The Convention[]

SolarCon is the first Solarpunk convention in North America. We had hoped to generate enough activity to run a concurrent convention with GEARCon 2017, at the Lloyd Center Doubletree Hotel in NE Portland, OR, on July 1-4, 2017, but were unable to generate enough activity to fill four 24-hour programming tracks. Please give us a hand with that: What would *you* like to see at a 'Con?

'I Wanna Go!'[]

What's it like to go to a 'con? What will it be like to go to *this* 'con?

Funding: Why Should I Give You Money?[]

If you're twenty years old and living out of your backpack, you shouldn't; *we* should be giving *you* money. If you're a funding executive with a few million burning a hole in your pocket, we're building the future you're going to be living in. Worth a few bucks, don't you think?

Scholarship Program[]

We are currently seeking funding for a scholarship program to help economically disadvantaged fans and would-be fans attend and participate in the convention. Participation and fanac (fan activity) will be tracked and logged at the website (currently under construction), and points towards scholarships will be awarded for such activity, and the use of that tracking system will be promoted to potential funders as demonstrating how we select our candidates by both need and merit.

Presentations and Activities[]

You're powerful, you're smart and you're going to change the world! Ready?

Of course not. Never mind whether it feels like being changed today, how thoroughly have you thought out what you want to change it *to*? Solarpunk is one of the ways to figure that out. And talking it out with your friends is a part of that, including the friends you don't know you have yet.

SolarCon isn't how you're going to make those friends, it's what you're going to do with them afterwards.