SolarPunk Wikia

Proposed sessions:

  1. What Is Solarpunk?
  2. Solarpunk Relationships: Sleeping occasionally involved. (Possible speakers: Edward Martin, Franklin Veux)
  3. Solarpunk Costuming
  4. The Venus Project: Solarpunk City? (Possible speaker: Jacque Fresco)
  5. The Terrarium Project: A solarpunk world?
  6. The World of 2065: A Microscope Projection (open-participation game)
  7. The Punk of Solarpunk: Dealing with the world we started with (Possible speakers: Diana Wu, Justin Norton-Kertson, others)
  8. Granular Society: Creating the world you want to live in from where you are.
  9. The Military in a Solarpunk World: Does it exist? (Possible Speakers: Penny Dex, Mechiah Dutt)
  10. Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Shoot 'Em: Solarpunk Politicians (Possible speakers: Colby Clipson, Phil Guidotti)
  11. Did We Beat Global Warming? If Not, How Do We Live With It? (Possible speaker: Mark McLeod)
  12. Electric Viola, Acoustic Harp, Shiny Theramin: Solarpunk Music
  13. Solarpunk Star Trek: 2017
  14. Shining Towers, Invisible Burrows: Solarpunk Cities
  15. Making Solarpunk Movies
  16. Tumblr Did It: Solarpunk Images Creating Culture. 
  17. The Solarpunk House 
  18. Intentional Social Organization: Magic-Wand Society 
  19. Elements of Society: Trade, Investment, Community Organizing, Large-Scale Threats of Violence, and Cheating.
  20. Solarpunk Social Justice #1: Race (Possible speakers: Alyssa Pagan, Jo Ann Hardesty, Deyalo Bennett, Zev Nicholson)
  21. Solarpunk Social Justice #2: Gender (Possible speakers: Zoe White, D. Glenn Arthur, others)
  22. Solarpunk Social Justice #3: Class (Possible speakers: Russell Bohr, James Clifford, others)
  23. Solarpunk Social Justice #4: Religion
  24. Solarpunk Social Justice #5: Ableism and Augmentation
  25. Foreignness As A Virtue: Are 3 Degrees Sufficient? (Fremling, Utlanning, and ?.)
  26. Climate-Friendly Diet: Solarpunk As Food (You don't *have* to be vegan, but it's not a bad idea.)
  27. Solarpunk Transhumanism
  28. Dealing with Cultural Decay From Both Inside and Outside
  29. Solarpunk Science: Making the future real