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Welcome to SolarPunk!

Solarpunk is a newer genre, loosely in the area of science fiction. Since collective individual involvement is part of how we define ourselves, starting a wiki to support us seemed like a natural idea. And here you are, so please let us know what you'd like to do and however much you know about how to do it.

What *is* SolarPunk?[]

SolarPunk starts with a shining, rosy vision of a positive future, that starts from the world we have now, and emphasizes environmental sustainability and social justice. Our immediate predecessors, the Steampunks, faced a world so grim the only way they could figure out to address it was to turn history back a century and take a do-over on the Industrial Revolution; *their* predecessors, the Cyberpunks, couldn't see any way to have positive visions at all, and so only generated dystopias. When we get back to Silver-Age science fiction, we get back to positive futures, but that worldview fell apart with the collapse of American integrity that went with the Vietnam War.

The technology and engineering-based fascination with toys that went with the Silver Age is still here, but it's not our primary focus. We're more centered on social change and environmental action, as the big problems we have to deal with are the ongoing human refusal to engage in self-governance and our destruction of the environment.

Vision is not all of what we're here for, we also want to create that world we want to live in. So there are areas here for projects for you to pursue to build our world. If you see a project you want to participate in, please do; if you have an idea for a project you'd like to add, add it. If we can find a way something relates to solarpunk we'll add it and help you connect with others who can help.


Because solarpunk is very new, its aesthetics are still varied. Efficiency and practicality are important to solarpunk engineering. Bionic is also great so try making the buildings have the form look like a termite mound so that you don't need ventilation that is bad for the environment (and yes some architect actually built a building with the ventilation of a termite mound). Art Nouveau is also common in solarpunk art.


Everything. JK you shouldn't overuse it. You can make beutiful art with tor by overusing it you just made a jungle. You should also use vertical farming on you're buildings to show more sustainability.


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