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List of Resources, Websites, and Blogs I find useful.[]

This is meant to be a list of places for someone to find downloadable information, books, archives, and any other source of written work that can be useful to anyone, any topic is allowable as long as it's extensive.

EBooks And Big Archives:[]

Need to know something in depth, it may be learned here. Complete dice roll as to the usefulness accuracy or even readability of the information here. If there are free ebooks to read, post them below.

An old source full of mostly dead links: : A completely free archive meant to house any and all information in the public domain. As it stands much of the information included here is simply abandoned as the owners often do not know/care that it is being distributed. This can place the site in a grey zone of legality at times, but it is still an excellent well of information. : A free site meant to house recordings for any and all public domain books. Functions as a site for free add free audiobooks. An excellent resource, although the quality between narrators can leave much to be desired. Still an excellent source and completely in the public domain to my understanding. : A source meant to house books just as soon as they enter the public domain. Completely within the public domain. My only real complaint about this site is that the downloaded books are named absurd alphanumerical character combinations. So I recommend downloading books one at a time with this site and copy/pasting the name of the book as the book downloaded for simplicities' sake. : The survivor library seems to be a massive archive of pdfs entirely within the public domain that appears to exist for the sole purpose of jump starting humanity in the event of a civilization sized reset button being pressed. If you don't wish to download and manually sort every single pdf, they sell hard drives with this information already included. Regardless of any thoughts on prepping this is still a wonderful fountain of information. : As usual there's a subreddit for everything. Per the Sidebar this is "Unprotected directories of pics, vids, music, software and otherwise interesting files." This is a place where people submit links to anything and everything that can be found on the hidden webpages of the internet. : Everybody knows Wikipedia, not everyone knows that there are sites where you can download all of Wikipedia. It can take up less space than you'd think, especially if you don't download the images as well.

DIY Stuff:[]

General DIY Stuff:[] : Instructables is a site dedicated to people showing how to do anything from arts and crafts to making biodiesel. Everything is user submitted. And every Instructable can be downloaded just by making an account. : Great resource for finding information on all kinds of DIY farm equipment. The main issue is the lack of content. What is there is good, but not a lot of people contribute : Good spot for seeing people's odd projects. : Most people know this guy through his tedtalk. In short he's trying to build open source version of all the tools/equipment needed to rebuild civilization from scratch. : A great site full of DIY information almost all of it is heavily solarpunk vibed. Even has a set of maps for showing where people in you're area are working on projects. : Ifixit, keep all your stuff working for as long as possible.  : Build it solar, a decent site for making your own solar or renewable energy stuff.

Electronics DIY:[] : Loads of electronics Schematics. : Loads of info on electronics schematics.

Carpentry and Woodworking DIY:[] : Woodworking site for engineers, has loads of plans and how to guides. : Loads of DIY plans mostly for woodworking. : Over 1000 free plans for woodworking and other misc.

Farming / Smallholding / Gardening / Raising Animals / Survival / Foraging / Homesteading Stuff:[]

If it has something to do with collecting food, I'm putting it here. : The website for the popular magazine. Has plenty of good information and ideas, the main issue is the lack of detail on all this information. They though do have links to handy books and greater resources. Would recommend checking out but not staying there. : Good list site that has plenty of information. Follows the list format in order to get a high amount of clicks. Still useful especially for information on raising different animals. : A good blog that's well written and a great source of information on homesteading/foraging. Has a high amount of brewing recipes as well as jam recipes. So this is quite a useful site in the event of a bumper crop of fruit. : Massive list site similar to that of morning chores. Has more of a focus on the prepper mentality, but also has loads of information for farming/gardening/homesteading and I recommend anyone check it out. : A map based website with the ability to add GPS markers over where foraging locations. Easy to use on the desktop, the mobile app it a bit broken. A great resource for learning how to forage as it makes it easy to determine where harvests are, when they are, and with links to Wikipedia for more information on said tagged species. Additionally has other free resources tagged, such a free-boxes, dumpsters, bike pumps, and water fountains. : A website dedicated to teaching people how to forage and what to do with it. Seems fairly in depth and information is well laid out and accurate. : Good homesteading blog with plenty of clear information and guides on self sufficiency. : A homesteading site with plenty of useful info out there. : A site for anything and everything off grid, sould prefer more useful how to articles though. : Pretty good homesteading site.